Do I Practice What I Preach?

I preach I can't have what God demands.

I shouldn't practice what I preach when I'm wrong:

  • I've preached lies before. The only human that didn't preach (sincerely proclaim) a lie was Jesus Christ.
  • When preaching, admitting I've lied isn't preaching to lie.

I practice what I preach to these measures:

  • Admitting I'm never perfect, I preach nobody can meet God's standard.

  • On, I don't preach whether others deserve Hell and the Lake of Fire.
    Preaching I deserve Hell... I'll endlessly deserve the Lake of Fire, forever.

  • Preaching God's mostly unkown to me... I compare myself with God's complete knowledge.
    Our knowledge is: we know him if we keep/obey his commandments. (1 John 2:3)