Why Most People Reject the gospel

This free gift's usually rejected.

The gospel: Jesus died (a sacrifice paying sin penalty), got buried, and was risen.
I'm an undeserving sinner. May we please trust the gospel (accept Heaven)?
Humans must trust the gospel to be saved. God chooses who'll trust this.

The explainer:

  • Rude: Commanding? Gentle, quiet words can help.

  • Deceit: Tricking someone into anything blocks trust.

  • Silencing Questions: Judging/punishing those asking. Some curiosity may need to be relieved.

  • Spam: Unwanted ads... are unwanted.

  • Religious Words: Weird words can prevent clear messages.

  • Intimidating: Intimidation's discomforting and can prevent agreement.

  • Forcing Church: Getting saved might not happen by forcing church. Some church activity rarely shares the gospel. Some churches share the gospel daily.

  • Unnecessary Information: Sharing the gospel can be done quickly. They don't need to know where Jesus went when dead or after becoming alive again. It's simple. Do they trust it's true, and believe it's enough?

The receiver:

  • Won't Change Beliefs: Beliefs can disagree with the gospel. Passionate beliefs (sometimes trusted for years) can be difficult to leave.

  • Doesn't Care: Maybe they'd rather focus on something else instead of how to accept Heaven according to you, your Bible, this website, etc.

  • Unanswered Questions: Curiosity may prevent trust in the gospel. Are they too nervous to ask for a better explanation?

  • Closed to Spiritual/Religious Topics: Words like "sin," "Jesus," or "God" can get people to stop caring and ignore.

  • Judging: A sinner's bad choices can make them think the sinner's beliefs aren't good or true.

  • Believes Rising from Death Isn't Possible: Some believe this isn't possible.

  • Believes God Doesn't Exist: Jesus couldn't be raised to life by God if there is no God.

  • Believes Jesus Didn't Exist: Some don't believe Jesus was born.

  • Believes Jesus was Lying or Crazy: Some think Jesus was fraudulent.

Attempts at sharing the gospel can make things worse.

Those who've already rejected the gospel may get annoyed, becoming cold to it.
Why spend your energy on one person?
You can share the gospel with the world.

There are more reasons why most reject the gospel.
God chooses who will be saved.